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Songs Getting me Through Covid-19

Music is my medicine.

Well, no not really, but it’s a fantastic outlet that helps me find the words to express the sometimes jumbled-up feelings inside my head when my anxiety is running wild or my depression is leaving me feeling speechless.

Now that we’re living during uncertain times because of the Covid-19 pandemic, anxieties and panic are running high. While my anxiety isn’t necessarily going a-wall over contracting the virus, my mental health has taken a huge hit as I self-isolate with my baby and husband.

As a new mom with PPD, and recently having all my mommy groups shut down, I’ve felt very isolated, alone, and frustrated with no outlet to help break up the day with my baby. When you “baby talk” all day, and lack any constructive conversation with another adult, you’re mentality really suffers. Haunted by the same 30 songs from my baby’s interactive station, and his recent struggle with cutting teeth, I am finding myself going absolutely stir crazy. I’m starting to understand the wife from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”. (That’s a literary joke for all my fellow English major nerds out there!)

With my anxiety creeping into my bones and my depression knocking on the door again, I’ve been trying to use my techniques to help me cope. And of course, one of those is listening to music. Music has always been a passion of mine, and it brings such joy into my life, even though I can barely strum my guitar or sing the best ranges, BUT music truly has been helping me these last few weeks. When I finally get a few moments to myself (usually in the evening when baby and husband are gone to bed), I stick in my AirPods and blare my music loud. Most times I fall asleep, but at least it settles my mind before bed – the time of day my thoughts usually start to run wild.

So, to help bring some positivity and maybe a little mini dance party in your kitchen (and because I LOVE blogging a good ol’ music list), I decided to share the top five songs that have been getting me through the Covid-19 pandemic. Grab some headphones, turn up the volume, and listen to some of these good tunes:

(Note: Just click on the album art to be taken to the YouTube link!)

1. “Safe and Sound” – Capital Cities

This is my dance-around-the-kitchen song for this list! While it’s an older song, it’s one of those songs that can instantly put you in a good mood, and maybe make you sway your hips or bob your head a bit. The underlying message is pretty clear: At the end of the day, we’re going to get through this Covid-19 pandemic, and seeing all the love and inspiration that has been floating around social media has made me proud to see communities and people coming together (even though we’re all staying apart!). I can’t help but keep hoping my family will be safe and sound because we’re doing our part to help stop the spread. I know this isn’t the reality for everyone, but at least by staying positive, we can get through this!

2. “Carry You” – Ruelle featuring Fleurie

I discovered Ruelle through the show Shadowhunters, and instantly fell in love with her music (especially “War of Hearts”! #Malec). I find her voice very soothing, and having Fleurie accompanying her on this track, “Carry You” really makes you feel like you’re not alone; it reminds me I have people I can rely on to get through these troubling times, and through my anxiety and depression. I’m very thankful to have a great support system and people looking out for me, because they understand how fragile my mental health can be in isolating situations. Therefore, this song is a little tribute to everyone who’s reached out to check on me these last few weeks to make sure I’m doing ok. Thank you all!❤️

(PS: Do yourselves a favour and listen to “War of Hearts – Acoustic”, too!)

3. “The Next Right Thing” – Kristen Bell, Frozen 2

Ok, so I’ve boarded the Frozen 2 obsession train and I’m totally in love with the soundtrack – personally it’s way better than the first soundtrack, but we’ll debate that another day! It was a hard tie between “All is Found” and this song, but I’ve been putting this one on repeat way more because I feel it describes my depression to a tee. Also, the way Kristen’s voice breaks during the song just gives me all the feels. Yet, despite the pain she’s enduring, she realizes she needs to get back up and move forward, no matter how hard it is to do so. Therefore, I feel the same as we get through these weeks of isolation and loneliness; I have a son and a husband who need me during this time and despite the days where I struggle to get out of bed, I know I have to, for them.

4. “Hope” – AmaLee, One Piece (English Version)

Of course, it’s not a proper Amanda list unless I throw some anime music in here somewhere. #alwaysageek Since this list is meant to stay on the positive side of this pandemic, I chose AmaLee’s cover of “Hope” from One Piece because… well, it’s hopeful! The upbeat song instantly just makes me feel better and honestly it makes the day feel brighter even when everything is doom and gloomy. Plus, it sings about having the backs of the people you care about, and since we have so much community love happening right now, it only helps drive that point home further for me. It really is a catchy song. And besides, AmaLee does a-m-a-z-i-n-g covers for anime music!

5. “The Whole of the Moon” – Celtic Woman

I will fight anyone who questions my love for Celtic Woman. I’ve always been a huge fan of Celtic music, especially having Irish heritage (and from being raised in Newfoundland, where folk music is so popular!). While my husband rolls his eyes whenever I blare them from the speakers, I just love their music! I’ve been listening to this number because it’s overall messages talks about trying to see the positive in all situations, which is something I’m trying to encourage myself to do as we endure the self-isolation. For example, while my husband is laid off, he is very thankful to be able to spend all this extra time with our baby, so we’re not taking this time for granted.

6. “The Messenger” – Linkin Park

PSYCH! You think I was going to do this list without a Linkin Park song? Think again! This one has been on repeat lately; despite being a short song, it’s overall message is quite blatantly clear: When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind. Again, seeing all the love and positivity going around social media has really helped me remain level-headed throughout this experience. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers the media keeps throwing at us, and it’s very easy to get consumed with worry of my baby catching the virus, but again, the positivity I see from others is helping me to cope; compassion is very undervalued and it’s easy to become conflicted with all the negativity everyone has to say – Hello, comments section! – so, we must remember simply we all must do our part, as I am doing mine. This fear won’t last forever, so we must push to find the good!

BONUS: “If the World was Ending” – JP Saxe featuring Julia Michaels

JUST BECAUSE… you knows they’re making a mint off this song right now, because… Covid!

And as always,

Fight the good fight!

-A xo

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