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August 23rd 2017 – The I’Mpossible Project: Special Edition

Storytelling is one of our oldest and greatest human achievements. Stories can enchant, empower, inspire, motivate, and even change the course of humankind. The i’Mpossible Project’s Lemonade Stand, offers another 20 life-changing stories.

These stories and storytellers in Lemonade Stand are full of heart and are the definition of courage. Inside you’ll find a transforming look at a young woman who was assaulted by her best friend, a father navigating raising newborn triplets, and a man who lost his eyesight in a tragic accident and proved that you don’t need eyes to truly see. When life gives you lemons, squeeze, add sugar and pick up a copy of The i’Mpossible Project’s Lemonade Stand.

Available for purchase now!

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