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Mental Health Week Vlog Project: Day One

Today officially starts Canada’s Mental Health Week!

YAY! 😀

This year, I’ve decided to create a Mental Health Vlog Project, in which for the next seven days, I will be sharing a different video where I talk about mental health topics, discussions, debates, and of course, sharing my own experiences.

And today’s topic: The Medication Debate! Keep Reading!

Mental Health, Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week Vlog Project

Hello beautiful humans!

It’s that time of year again!!

Starting tomorrow, May 1st, begins Canada’s annual Mental Health Week! ❤

This year, I’ve decided to create a Mental Health Vlog Project, in which for the next seven days, I will be sharing a different video where I talk about mental health topics, discussions, debates, and of course, sharing my own experiences. Keep Reading!

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Don’t Mistake Maturity for Weakness

People can be terrible.

For as long as we have been on this planet, it seems like we can never learn to treat others with kindness and respect. We can move mountains and overcome milestones when it comes to big discoveries, and yet we still haven’t learned to master the concept of “loving thy neighbour as yourself,” a simple and fundamental concept that seems to fumble even the most brilliant of thinkers.

And in today’s world, you only have to turn on your TV, or listen to the radio, or go on FaceBook and see Joe Blow’s politically incorrect posts about ISIS or Trump or whatever, to see how cruel humans can be.

Because lets be honest. Humans are shitty. Keep Reading!

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Why We Need to Stop Comparing Types of Pain


It is a simple, four-letter word that can have both simple and complex meanings.

It’s a word we use with everyday jargon. “Man, [insert task] is such a pain.” It’s a term we use to describe someone who is getting on our last nerve. “John is such a pain in the butt!” Or it’s a term to describe the tension that radiates from a wound or injury. Doctor: “Ok, where does it pain the most?” A simple, but complex word that holds so much value.

For me, living with a mental health issue, pain is a word that is reiterated frequently in my vocabulary. Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain. It is a word that has many levels of  complex feelings and emotions; containing raw and “painful” memories, both past and present; a term that can be used so loosely yet can detonate a bomb within seconds. Keep Reading!

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When the Invisible Becomes Physical

Let’s get serious for a moment.

Over the last several months I have met some amazing and inspiring people as my blog and articles started to reach a wider audience. I’ve made friends with people from all around the globe who are fighters in their own right, for they too are battling the struggles of living with a mental illness. To connect with these people, to read their stories, to share in their fears and their greatest hopes has been both an inspiration and uplifting for myself, it encourages me to keep writing – to continue sharing my story.

And for myself, while I have been beyond fortunate to have been winning many battles against my PTSD, I too have had my losses. I have my bad days. Most days the battles are silent though, invisible – undetectable to the outside world. While over the last few years I have started to become more open about my bad days, I too have days where I retreat into my protective armour and let the war rage in my head. Keep Reading!

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To the Boss Who Kept Dismissing My Mental Illness

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable.

Whether you work at a large corporation or a small local business, conflict is an issue every workplace faces. Whether it is between co-workers, between you and your boss, or between share holders and suppliers, sometimes even with clients and customers.

Workplace arguments are bound to happen. Whether you and a coworker disagree on a project, or you’re having issues with a disgruntled customer, or you’re just having a bad day yourself and you lose your nerve. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

The bottom line: Conflict happens, but most conflicts can be overcome. Keep Reading!

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Why I Can’t Stop Listening to Linkin Park’s New Song “Heavy”

I’ve been a Linkin Park fan for over ten years now.

And let’s be honest, I go on..and on…and on about how their music has helped me through some of the most difficult moments in my life.

I’m a firm believer that music can heal just as well as medication and therapy. For me, blaring LP in my ear buds and screaming  into my pillow has been just as therapeutic as crying to my therapist during a counselling session.

A lot of LP’s songs have provided me with comfort and a lot of reflection through the years, especially early on in my diagnosis with PTSD.

So of course, when Mike Shinoda’s teased a video of him playing a somber piano tune, I was STOKED! Keep Reading!