Mental Health, PTSD

To the Boss Who Kept Dismissing My Mental Illness

Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable.

Whether you work at a large corporation or a small local business, conflict is an issue every workplace faces. Whether it is between co-workers, between you and your boss, or between share holders and suppliers, sometimes even with clients and customers.

Workplace arguments are bound to happen. Whether you and a coworker disagree on a project, or you’re having issues with a disgruntled customer, or you’re just having a bad day yourself and you lose your nerve. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

The bottom line: Conflict happens, but most conflicts can be overcome. Keep Reading!


An Open Letter to the Girl I See in the Mirror

(Want to learn why I picked this photo as my Feature Image…Keep reading below to find out! -A)

To the girl I see in the mirror,

It’s been awhile since we actually saw eye to eye.

For the longest time you and I have had the greatest of struggles trying to understand each other. I could never really look at you, trace over your details and admire what was there, not in the way I wanted too anyway.

Because for the longest time I couldn’t stand you. I hated the girl I saw staring back at me. It wasn’t because I didn’t like you…well actually I didn’t like you, but that was not the only reason. Keep Reading!