Mental Illness

Just got tweeted by Michael Landsberg? Dying!

It’s one thing to get your fight for mental illness recognized by friends and your community.

It’s another when a celebrity hears about your fight!

In the vain hope like many other Twitter users, I tweeted Michael Landsberg in the attempt to show how much I appreciate his support for mental health initiatives.

Suffering from depression and GAD himself, Landsberg also supported Bell Let’s Talk Day last year by sharing his own experiences with mental illness. He also coined the hashtag #sicknotweak, which is one I have used on a regular basis when fighting my own fight and spreading awareness.

Landsberg is an active twitter users and uses his account to reach out to other suffering from mental illness. He also shares inspiring quotes and uses his own knowledge to help spread awareness. From an average joe perspective, I find his tweets personally encouraging hence why I follow him. Anyone that helps support mental health initiatives gets an A+ in my books.

So last week during another weary night of being tormented with my anxiety, I tweeted Landsberg in the hope that he would read it. Not even a half hour later he responded.

I became so excited and overwhelmed that I started to cry. Tweeted by a celebrity? Awesome! Hearing him asking my involvement when launches, I was stoked!

Of course, I do hope when his site launches that I can volunteer in any way I can. Anything that helps fight mental illness is worth putting effort into.

So, after my fifteen seconds of fame wore off, and I had a decent nights sleep, I realized I needed to start my efforts again for raising awareness about mental health. I’m sure my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers are already sick of my endless posts and shares.

But that’s the mission right? To make mental health a part of the conversation so that one day it’s just another ordinary part of life, not something associated with negative connotations.

Just thought I would share my star-struck moment with you guys!

And remember, keep fighting the good fight!


#sicknotweak #fightingthegoodfight

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