When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Last night, during a typical 2am, anxiety-overload, my-mind-won’t-turn-off bit, I started thinking about how far I have come since I started sharing my personal story about living with PTSD on social media.

I started thinking about my first blog post and how I vomited twice when I clicked “Publish” after I wrote my post that told the details of my illness. Then I started thinking about all I have accomplished in the last year, and of course, I started becoming giddy over how popular my post on The Mighty had become (“To the Cashier Who Realized I Was Having a Panic Attack”), which by the way, has gotten a second wind when To Write Love on Her Arms shared the article today on their page/twitter! (Thanks guys!)

So, as I’m lied there in bed, listening to Zack and Miesha snore away, and Arty purring next to my head, I realized it was finally 3am and I needed to get up for work in a few hours.

Great, another day of exhaustion and picky customers.

So, using my ol’ faithful playlist on my iPhone dubbed “My Lullaby List,” I was struck with a thought.

Music. Keep Reading!