Amanda Wilson

Writer and Mental Health Blogger

Hello beautiful humans!!

So, I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks, soaking up some sunshine and having some r&r in the ever-beautiful Dominican Republic!

I wish my vacation was longer (because vacations are never really long enough!) but I come back with two pieces of good news!


The wonderful Zack Thomas finally popped the question after six and a quarter years, and I am proud to say, after making him fret for a few moments, I said “YES!”

And while my engagement and the excitement for the future (and the anxiousness at the thought of having to plan a wedding) has me on cloud nine right now, I also have other good news.


Even though it is long overdue, and a week late, I finally finished editing my Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017 video!! 😀

Just like last year, I made a poor quality video where I share my thoughts about mental health. I rant and ramble a little too long, but I’m still trying to master this video-making business (which isn’t going so well, as of yet!)

But despite the quality, and my ranting, I present to you my message for Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017!

I hope you enjoy and that it helps to inspire a little bit of magic and brings you a positive message of hope!

But, as much as I love Bell Let’s Talk Day, remember that mental health is a conversation we should be having every day!

So instead of binge-watching Netflix, take some time to listen to my thoughts. And I promise next year’s video will be shorter! 😉

And as always,

Fight the good fight!


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